Sunday, March 11, 2007

hey everyone! not much has been going on around's been going good, except on wednesday we're writing a biology test (which i should probably go study for!) But i put together a little video of my trip to the States which i thought you might enjoy checking out!

i also led worship yesterday at church and it went pretty well! the sun is finally out and shining, and i feel some skateboarding coming along soon!!! ;)

may conference is getting closer and closer, i'm really looking forward to it!

I've also begun to listen to the All-American Rejects and Smash Mouth in the past few weeks and they've really grown on me! So if you haven't heard them yet, be sure to check them out! But of course Switchfoot is still #1!

Till next time - Auf Wiedersehen!


beccafredo said...

Hey! That was a GREAT video! I loved seeing what you thought was funny, or interesting or American, and a little taste of the things you did. Recognized the PDX airport! Great job! oh, and i agree about smash mouth and I even like the AAR on quite a few of their songs.

Hudson said...

dude, that's pretty awesome! I love that thing with Harry Potter....haha.....

Anonymous said...

Sweet Tyler, what a great video. You hit some of my favorite things about America - fast food, stores & restaurants. Good to see some of my least favorite things made it on there as well - airport lines, rain and lots of billboard ads. Great video!

Also thanks for the HP countdown! We have to get our countdown clocks going at our house. What fun to think we'll be reading in 129 days!