Sunday, September 02, 2007

Today my blog celebrates its first birthday! So let's wish Tidbits By Tyler a prosperous and entertaining next year!!! To celebrate, i now have a new banner. Hihi.

Also, last night I was in a creative mood so I wrote a little song...and like it so much that i recorded it! I sang, played acoustic, electric and bass guitar and mixed it all on my mom's Mac! It's nothing super special, but it's entertaining. Enjoy!

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Here are the lyrics:

Come right now
Heal somehow
Hear my doubts
Draw me out

Through the pain you restore me
Out of my shame hope and life bring
My debts you take away and
Release the fears of a blind man

Tell me why
Why I try
Is it worth all this?
Show me what I've missed

I know time won't defeat me
'Cause You are the Lord of everything
This time I'll trust You and not fear
This time I know You're here

Shine through me

Come right now
Show me how
Call my name
I won't be afraid

P.S. To Andrea and Nathan - I'm really sorry I haven't done your blog banner yet, I'll get right on it once I locate the CD with the pictures...I'll let you know if I can't find it!


Michelle Watson said...

Amazing! Not only does it blow me away that you wrote the song (music and lyrics), but then to think that you even know how to put the link on your blog just blows me over! My favorte parts are your two verses (which begin and end the song).

Finally, and forgive me if I'm really out of it here, but what's a "bling man?" I can guess, but I figured you're the creator, so I'd go right to the source!!

Love ya, Michelle

Hannah said...

nice tyler...nice!

Tyler said...

haha sorry Michelle that was supposed to be "blind man"...hehe oops

Unknown said...

that was AMAZING! awesome job!!!

Svatka said...

nice song...reminds me those slow relient k songs a little bit! Sweet.......yeah and congratulations, hihi

Anonymous said...

Tyler, very Coldplay on your first venture into the garage band world. Ken adores all those moody irish boy bands - so I'll be sure to have him listen. He always says you're a one man boy band. Guess he's right! Way to go!

Glad to see you reminded yourself how to get the photo banners going. You could work yourself up quite a little business keeping blogs in new banners. Can't wait to be your first customre.

Anonymous said...

IF it was a bling man get his number - Grace will be looking for a date someday in the future and a bling man sounds like a good fit!

beccafredo said...

Happy Birthday Tidbits from Tyler! So glad you were born! So glad I have internet again so I can keep reading you!
OH, and wow on the song! So excited! Great job combining lyrics, music, instrumentation and vocals....all of them are balanced....and I really like it! I'll have to add it to my fan t shirt....I listened to his first song on his blog! Yes!