Thursday, April 12, 2007

It is a sad day in my world. Let's start the story at the beginning. But beware, this story contains much technological terming and may bring tears to your eyes. Now, let's continue.

My dad had this Toshiba Satellite that he gave me about two years ago. It's now about 7 years old or so. It has been through a lot, and it shows it both visually and internally. BUT it did its job. Because Windows was slowing it down considerably, about a half a year ago i decided to install a version of Linux onto it to try and prolong its life. And it sure helped! Ubuntu (the operating system) worked wonders, and even though it took a while to understand, it was faithful to me while taking notes in class and writing stories on rainy (and sunny) days. It had its problems of course - wireless internet didn't work, the battery life was about a minute and a half (just long enough to switch classrooms at school without having to power down), the screen wasn't as securely fastened as it used to be, and the right shift key just broke off three weeks ago. But i still loved it dearly.

Unfortunately, tonight is the night that i must say goodbye to a good friend, a loyal companion. After attempting to update and consequently reboot, an error message came up and the computer's screen will stay forever blank. Let's take a moment of silence for our dear friend Mr. Toshiba Satellite.

So now i'm in a dilemma... I bring my computer to school four days out of the five school days, so what am i supposed to do! Aaaah! Hmm.

Also - i'm supposed to be doing an assignment for our dear Mr. Lobel in technology class, which is unfortunately due tomorrow. Better get to that. Hehe.

On another note, my mom is returning from her 10 day stay in the States tomorrow! My dear great grandma Marjorie France finally went home last Tuesday and mom went to be with her family and attend the funeral. 95 is a pretty good age to last till, and she was cheerful till the very end! i'm so grateful that i got to see and spend time with her when i visited Oregon back a month or so ago. And one bonus for mom going to the States is bringing back stuff! =) I have this book that i ordered that i'm especially looking forward to...

Every Thursday we go up to the hotel and play soccer with those who want to from our school. Today was no different, except for the fact that this time we got the ball served to us on a silver platter! But it was fun. Jonny aka Mr. Lobel commented that he thought i was the player of the game, at least defensively! It was fun. And the weather was great compared to last week.

Technology class calls! Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler....

You are such a great writer...I was spellbound by your description of Mr. Toshiba Sattelite. Great story-telling!! (You must get those genes from both your mom and your dad :o)...)

I just said goodbye to your mom at the airport. We got to spend time on her way into Portland last week and on her way out of Portland. I rescheduled my clients so we could have time together. She was so cute as she was leaving today when she said, "This is exactly what I needed....I'm ready to go home now!"

We even talked about you today too (and your brother and sister too, of course). I told her that when you were here a couple months ago, I saw a man with "gentle strength." That's how I described you. I love watching the man you are becoming!!! You're adorable and amazing :o).

Love from one of your biggest fans,


Anonymous said...

Enough crying over an ancient Toshiba. Wipe your tears and GET A MAC!

Hannah said...

I agree with Andrea...haha...that's funny!
I did enjoy your writing Tyler...very much. You can make a great story out of something as simple as your computer dying on you...
Nice job!!!