Tuesday, December 18, 2007

As promised, I have bought Les Miserables! To start at the beginning...

We flew to the States last Tuesday, and it took us 28 hours to get from doorstep to doorstep!

Right now we are happily staying at my mom's parents' new house in Eugene, Oregon! We're spending Christmas with them for the first time in 13 years, so it's quite the occasion. We've been busy buying Christmas presents as well as stocking up on clothes.

Today we drove about 2 hours up to Portland, and spent the whole day...you guessed it: shopping (and the occasional food).

Powell's bookstore in Portland is a legend (to us at least). So we decided to go check it out, and we were amazed at it's vastness. It's a really cool place. After about half an hour of wandering around I stumbled upon the very thick book by Victor Hugo. At $4 it was a steal.

So far, it's very...different. I really love Hugo's style of writing, but it's unlike anything I've ever read. I'll keep you updated on my thoughts on it once I get the chance.

Dad flies in tomorrow evening, can't wait!

Christmas is coming!


Anonymous said...

I heard the 40 plus pages on the Napoleonic war is quite a huge section in that book - but is Patrick Till's favorite part. I think the beaver side of you will like the details given - but you might need to start drinking Venti coffees to get you going!

Glad you're having such fun experiences. Would love to shop, read books and eat with you!
Andrea Pitcher

Claire said...

Nice writing! You're becoming better and better at this blogging thing!
See, I DO comment!