Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This past week has been great.

It was spent:

playing guitars for hours at the enormous Guitar Center,

Meeting new friends and spending time with old ones,

And of course celebrating Christmas with our dear grandparents!

One thing that I'm really excited about is a thingamajig called a drawing tablet, which will help me a lot in my further pursuits in web design! It's pretty awesome! (you can't really see it in the picture but I have a cool stylus pen in my hand which I draw on the tablet with)

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know how YOUR Christmas was! We had an amazing one here. And so...


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

Well, since I'm one of the people in the picture that you referred to as an "old friend," I figured I'd better say hello. It was an extraordinary Christmas for me this year just because of the fact that you and your family got to be a part of my life, both personally and at church. Having you all at "my" Christmas Eve service was such a treat for me. Being able to look at you all in the second row as I led worship made me even more full of JOY than I already was in just being able to lead so many people into the Lord's presence!!

Now I'm excited to have our "play date" this next week, with you and Caleb and me, where we get to hang out and catch up. You are such an amazing young man, and I cherish our times together more and more as you grow older. I love hearing thoughts that come from your heart as I continue to know more of the man you are becoming. You are awesome!

Love, one of your biggest fans,
"Aunt" Michelle (for those of you who weren't there...someone at church thought Tyler was my son, so he told her that I was his aunt...kind of!!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a super time in the states. Glad to hear it. Can't wait to have you show me your new techie gadget and let me know what new features you can add to my blog. You're keeping me in the creative blog world!

We missed you on Christmas Eve. The wassil & cookies & games weren't the same without you and your family. We had a wonderful time with the Tills. Super presents and good food for Christmas day. Bummer is that Zachary has a high fever and cough on Christmas day. Luckily my Mother sent a bottle of antibiotics with our Christmas packages - so he had some medicine. His Christmas penicillin!

Can't wait to hear all your stories and see your new things.


Mike France said...


It was a great Christmas. I enjoyed the hours of present opening and the thrill of receiving my cherished gift from you. So glad you were here this year.

Oh and always remember when your famous for your music, that you can always use...MORE COWBELL!