Monday, January 07, 2008

One thing I got for Christmas from Claire was a great movie called Once. It's a movie about how a Dublin busker meets a Czech girl pianist, and the two decide to record an album together. That's the short version, I highly recommend you see it for yourself! It's very different from anything you've ever seen before, I can guarantee that.

The only down-side to it is the R-rating for language but it doesn't bug me too much and I really enjoyed the musical parts of it. I downloaded the soundtrack off of iTunes last night and have been listening to it all day!

Ever since we got back from the States I've been in an artsy mood, so I got some pretty cool stuff done. I'll put up pictures soon, I'm sure you'll all be proud of me!! =)

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Anonymous said...

Nate also loved this movie and put it in his top 7 of 2007. We saw the preview for it in the Ostrava theater and he asks her if she loves him and she answers in Czech which he doesn't understand - but we all did - and the entire theater laughed at him! Funny preview to see when you understand the "other" language!