Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drum roll please.................................................................... Prepare for the unveiling of Tyler Patty's most stunning work yet!

This small diorama depicts two friends, an elf and a dwarf, fighting at the battle of Helm's Deep. I'm talking of course about Legolas (up on the wall) and Gimli (smoking a pipe on a dead Uruk-Hai).

I hope the ebullient Nathan Pitcher is proud of my second take on Legolas, as he was so fond of the original (which I was not so fond of, hence the new paint job). I'd like to thank the sagacious Becca McMartin for the wonderful Gimli, which I am glad I am done painting (it was quite frustrating actually!).

Even though these two figures were painted only days apart from each other, I am especially proud of Legolas. Both were very time-consuming to paint, because I tried to pay a lot of attention to detail. There are some things I would have done differently now looking back...but we learn from our mistakes so I guess I'll just have to live with it!

Overall though I think I did pretty well. The good part is that I still have lots more places to go, I can still keep on experimenting and learning! You can be expecting more diorama thingamajigs in the future, I already have a couple more ideas.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how I did the brickwork, while we were in the states I got some brick molds. I then pour plaster in them, let it dry and pop them out! Then I can glue them together and paint over it all. It's awesome, and you'll see some more of them in the future as well!

Gotta go eat dinner! Thanks in advance for all your comments! =)


Unknown said...

WOW Tyler!

That is some amazing painting you have going on up there in your room! The diorama (I think that's what you called it!) is very cool looking, especially in person...though I have to have my glasses on to see it you know...ha!

Nice use of some new words too...will have to look them up in the dictionary in my spare time!

Love, mom

P.S. I am waiting for you know what.........

Claire said...

I LOVE those bricks! They sure do make things easier don't they? Can't wait to see creations to come!

~Deine Schwester

Mike France said...


I would have never guessed that those molds you have could make bricks that look so real. I am amazed!

Great job on painting the midgets as well!


Anonymous said...

In the words of Caleb, "Shu!!!" (short for "Shut up!!"). I can't believe you made and painted all thos bricks (and the people, I might add). It helps so much to see what you're working on when you talk about painting. Do they have books that give you ideas or do you make it all up? And, do you use acrylic paints? You must have super small brushes to get such detail on the faces and all.

I also wondered if you buy the people in plain plaster forms and then make it up as you go. Now that I've seen what you're doing, I'm full of questions.

Like you, that right side of my brain LOVES being activated. But clearly you have a VERY active left side of your brain going too. I'm referring to your multifarious (I'm trying to use a clever word back to you!) and creative adjectives. Hello! Where did you find those words? Like your mom, I'll have to look them up. That's what you get for being such a voracious reader (okay...that was MY big word for the day!).

I keep forgetting to check your blog as often as you write. It's fun to read a few at a time though so I can keep up with your life.

Love ya lots, Michelle

Anonymous said...

English lesson for the day:

ebullient: overflowing with excitment, high spirited

sagacious: shrewd, keen practical sense

Thingamajig: dohickey

Anonymous said...

Great figures. I loved Gimli -get a close up shot of him so I can see some details. That is one of the only lines of LoTR that I do quote "He's got my ax in his nervous system!"

Great wall. Would love to see that process. Did you get the mix from the states as well? Zachary would LOVE doing that. You're an inspiration.

author said...

Awesome Leglas! He is way better than the last one! I cant wait until i see you play/bring him to my house! That is of course up to you wether you choose to or not. Anyway i Love the painting of Gimli. Hey y mom is calling me gotta go!
N.P. out!

beccafredo said...

Boo-yeah!! I made it on Tidbits by Tyler and I even got a cool description! Awesome artwork Tyler! You are definitely an inspiration...I'm so glad you have a blog to show these things off and I can't wait to see them in person.
-Becca the sagacious!