Saturday, January 19, 2008

Phew...well we survived the men's conference! it was really great, the speaker had some great things to say.

The first night of worship was really hard for me, and I put so much energy and emotions into it that I was totally drained after. It was really strange...but after a good night's sleep God restored my strength!

We're going to celebrate Caleb's 15th birthday tonight with the should be fun! We're going out to this cool restaurant. Then tomorrow is Caleb's actual birthday so be sure to write him and wish him a happy birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Great job leading worship Tyler! it's cool how you trusted God and did it...Isn't it weird to be young and to be in front of (or to lead or other verbs) all these older, mature, wise people sometimes? I was just thinking about that when we had our women's's so great to see what God can do and how, when God is involved, age doesn't matter. So great job, Tyler, for stepping out and letting God use you to bless others. Katka