Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A couple of days ago Caleb, mom and I got new phones! They're really nice, and our old ones were really falling apart so I'm very happy. Here's what mine looks like! I've been spending my free time figuring out how to put music, pictures and videos on from my computer. I think I've got it all figured out, now to just sit back and enjoy!
School's been pretty crazy lately...we're having to wrap up our grades for this semester so that means lots of tests! Aaaah...without my new phone I'd go crazy =)

I've been in a pretty creative mood again. I'm taking a break from painting LOTR figures for a little while, painting Legolas took a lot of energy and time! So I've been trying watercolors, which are really tricky. I've also started writing a story. I just kinda started and decided to just go where my mind led me. At school I have a creative writing class so I'll try to keep writing a chapter a week for that. Two are down already! Unfortunately it's very rough and not fit for public viewing yet ;)

Jon Foreman's new Winter EP just came out yesterday!!! I'm so excited about it. I strongly recommend both his Fall and Winter EP's, and can't wait for Spring and Summer!!!


beccafredo said...

Hey, I just listened to the clips of JF's new ep on iTunes today. I love the Fall one too. When I get my computer back...sigh....I'll have to download the winter one. Which songs are your faves?

Unknown said...

I like it when you post on your blog! You're fun to read!

Love, Mor (that's "mother" in Danish!)