Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank you to all who have given me such positive and encouraging comments on my last post! it means a lot.

Perhaps some of you remember last June I had a post about me and Patrick painting a mural in our classroom. Once school started up again it was almost finished...and then things started to pile up and we never got around to putting the finishing touches on it. However, TODAY we took a few hours and it is now completed! I'll put up some better pictures later, these are just taken with my phone.

In other news, I sent in my Jars of Clay story in to the contest, and we got the results a couple days ago. I tied for second place with Patrick in our age category!! How cool is that?!?! I'm really satisfied. The awards are down in Bratislava on the 13th! Also, Lucy Till, Patrick's sister and a good friend of mine, won first place in her category! So we represented Frydlant very well I think.

Caleb is in the States now with mom. Continue to pray for them as the doctors do tests and try to figure out what's wrong with Caleb's stomach/intestines!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

Are you kidding me?!! I had NO IDEA that you were THIS TALENTED as an artist! I had missed looking at your last blog post (thanks for the email reminders!), so I'm blown away at your black and white picture, as well as the mural. I can't believe you did these (but I DO believe you, of course!). Is the mural a picture of something in Lord of the Rings? I'm assuming so, but figured I'd ask! :o)

Caleb and I went to Old Navy last night (after he got his pain meds in him) and I got you a few cool things. So this way you'll have something to look forward to, and know that I love ya!!!

Keep creating! It's so cool to know that you are being fully who God created you to be when you can create with such depth, beauty, and precision in a way that is amazing! I imagine that your Creator is enjoying your handiwork! (From what I've heard, He's really into that kind of thing--tee-hee!!!)

Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

great painting. I"ll have to go see it firsthand now that it's complete.
ANdrea Pitcher