Sunday, May 18, 2008

On Wednesday we went with our school to see an opera in Ostrava called Čert a Káča (The Devil and Kate) by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák. It was very...interesting =) I really enjoyed the music, but it was very hard to understand what they were saying. Afterwards a couple friends and I walked over to the movie theater to see Iron Man. It was AMAZING!!! Best superhero movie of all time. Robert Downey Jr. did a stunning job.

However, on Wednesday I my throat started hurting...and Thursday morning I had a pretty bad cough. So I lied around for a couple days. I love being sick (but only for a little while) because I have lots of time to work on projects that take time. Here's only a little sneak peek of one such project!

On Saturday I needed to get out of the house for some air and dad wanted to do something as a family, so we drove 15 minutes away and went horseback riding! I really enjoy it, makes me feel like I'm in the Lord of the Rings or something!

I'm feeling a lot better now, but still have a little cold. I'll go to school tomorrow, we'll see how it is. We have a new teacher for biology teaching us genetics and she's scary...

Oh yeah, and here's how happy I am without my braces now!! =)


Unknown said...

Since I'm not at home and can't tell you in person that I like your new blog update I have to say it here! It's great! Love all the photos and updates...makes me miss you like crazy though!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing out the braces era!! It looks great! I also continue to be duly impressed with your marker drawings. They are amazing!