Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thanks to everyone who stood with me and prayed for my SATs! I felt they went pretty well, but we'll see in a month or so! I'll be sure to keep you all up to date with the results.

Leading worship up at JV conference with Trevor was a real blessing! I was so glad to be able to be in the adult program and serve everyone with music. I'm really tired, but am really excited to get back to serving in Frydlant!


A.PETH said...

So cool to see God use you and your gifts at conference (and crazy, but it's been a year since I got to hang out with you guys and do art at last years conference!)
anyways, also wanted to say that your marker drawings are seriously rad!

looking forward to seeing more of it (and I'm coming back as an intern this maybe I can see some of these marker drawings in person?)
peace out!

Lucy Rose Till-Campbell said...

Hey Tyler (Patty;)
I admire your singing even more now that I know how hard it is! Thanks for being a great example!

P.S. Thanks also for always reading my blog and commenting, it motivates me to keep writing:)