Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So we're in the States right now!! It's been great being with family again.

We had our family reunion in a place called Telluride - up high in the Colorado mountains. It was soooo cool. Totally makes up for all the family vacations we've had by the beach =) (I don't really like sun!)

One of the coolest things we did was take a "little" hike up to an old mining "ghost town" and then over some mountains back to our condos. All together it was about 8 miles...and we were very tired afterwards!

All four of us (my dad, uncle Steve, cousin Justin and me) made it back safely, although we had very wet shoes.

Now we're all back in Denver for another couple days, and on Thursday our family flies up to Chicago! Then it's off to a camp in Michigan and then Caleb and I are flying early for our Frydlant English Camp!


Anonymous said...

Way to have a family event you enjoy! Glad for you. Can't wait to see more photos when you get back. Justin sure looks tall. Sounds like a fun time. We sure missed you at the Hillsong & Matt Redman concert. We talked about you often.

Andrea PItcher

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...
Looks like you guys had a great time at the reunion. The pictures of the Colorado Rockies look like the Swiss Alps some times.
And you don't really like the sun? What?! Good to know! I guess that means that school in the Pacific Northwest will be a good fit for you then! :o)
Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! You posted! Love the pictures!