Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, it's been a pretty amazing three weeks in the States. What I thought was going to be a boring trip was in fact a big learning experience for me in many ways. It's helped me understand the American mentality a bit more and has helped me prepare more and more for college next year!

One thing that has been really fun for me has been sharing my music with people. Me and Caleb played a song at two churches, for our family and for a talent show at a family camp we just returned from. It's made me even more aware of the great gift I've been given and has helped me be more focused on what direction I want to go in with it!

Right now we're back in Chicago and Caleb and I will fly home in about 5 hours. Being at the Gull Lake family camp has gotten me really pumped for English Camp! I'll be helping lead the camp by doing translations, helping with evening discussions and leading camp songs/worship for the whole camp. There will be 70 people there!! That's like awesome. And the American team that we're working with is going to be super. I know God's going to bless this week.

also, as i'm sure you've noticed, I have a new picture up on my banner! It's from our last (and best) performance at Gull Lake. You can just barely see my guitar strap! =)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

I'm so glad that you said that the new blog picture of you is from when you were singing at camp. To see the authentic, alive, passionate, and awesome look that you have while singing is truly confirming the gift that God has given you. You have the best smile on your face that I've ever seen of you! :o)

I got to talk with your mom today, and she told me how awesome it was to see you and Caleb in action at camp (in other words, that you guys brought down the house!), and it was fun to hear how much your parents are seeing more clearly that God has a touch on your life musically. Yay God and yay you!!!

I can hardly wait to hear how English camp goes. I'll be praying!

Love you, Michelle