Monday, October 06, 2008

Mom convinced me to have a little "photo shoot" up in the forest today...I'm really happy with how the pictures turned out! So new picture on the banner, and here are some other favorites! (However, unlike my brother, I don't have much experience in posing for pictures...I'm usually the one taking them. Maybe Caleb will have to give me some pointers!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...great pics. Photo shoots are always awkward. I really like the one of you looking up..great!

beccafredo said...

Hey Tyler! Great photos! I love the fall leaves behind you...great way to start practicing for when you're famous and have paparazzi! =)

BritBoat said...

Hey! I really like the one with you looking up in the middle of the street. Have to say, it's my favorite. And don't let Caleb overshadow you! You have those modeling skills too. You just have to focus and channel them. :-)