Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last day at school...

And also last recital with Hannah! This was a day full of joy and sadness mixed together... We both felt really good about the songs we played, especially since we decided on them a week earlier! It was also great having Caleb play with us.

We played three songs: Fearless by Taylor Swift, Gravity by Sara Bareilles and Mighty to Save by Hillsong. It was a great mix of songs, and a great way to end this "era!"

I was most proud of Gravity.. because I learned it on the piano in three days! :D And the cello is just amazing with it.

On the way out of the music school after the recital we were all talking about how if Hannah comes to Moody to we'll have to do music together again.. It just reminded me that this is not over!! We'll definitely get a chance to play together again. Looking forward to whenever that is!

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BritBoat said...

LOVE all the videos of ya'll playing/singing together!! Man, you guys are so talented. I am constantly blown away. Also, to comment on your comment on my blog: It definitely feels like I've known you forever! Doesn't seem like only a year. You bring me joy, Tyler. Can't wait to see you next week!