Wednesday, April 14, 2010

While working on a large New Testament Summary paper tonight, I got to thinking.

What a blessing it is from the Lord that I have been given the opportunity to study about His Word!

Every once in a while this thought will dawn on me again. I have been given the incredible privilege and gift of attending one of the best colleges in the world to study the Bible.

I love these moments of "realization." They really humble me and help me re-focus my heart - I am here because God wants me here. I'd better make the most of it!

Honestly, these first two semesters have gone by so fast. It's so strange to think that in one month I will no longer be a freshman! What a journey it has been.

Moments like these put me in such a sense of awe in the Lord. He truly does have a perfect plan for me, which is already working out right now! I am not only training for ministry at Moody Bible Institute, this is my ministry field.

And now back to writing my paper!


Claire said...

WHAT??!!! A BLOG POST?? YAY!!!! So happy you got back to blogging. I thought you had given it up for good!

Anonymous said...

That's great you are enjoying your studies so much. You'll be successful in them with that passion! Keep being thankful and enjoy! -Krupa