Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's hard to believe that it's almost over! That's right - I have one more week at Moody Bible Institute as a freshman.

I had my last class this Friday, and finals week is coming up fast. But next Saturday I will fly out of Chicago home to Czech, where the first leg of my journey begins.

God has given me the incredible blessing and opportunity to serve with Josiah Venture this summer in the beautiful, and spiritually lost, country of Croatia. I will be serving on an intern team under the leadership of Jamey and Meredith Hutton, alongside Nathan Rehm, Lauren O'Dell, and Bronwen Vogel. Much of our time will be spent with country leader Stevo Vuletic as well.

There is so much I could tell you about the summer. But I'll unfold as we go during the next days and weeks.

I have a request - will you join me in this journey? I realize, now more than ever, the power of prayer and its necessity in my service this summer. I need men and women who will faithfully support me in prayer throughout the upcoming months. Will you pray for my team and I?

Please check back often during the next couple months, as I will be updating more frequently with news, pictures, and prayer requests.

Let me just say how I excited I am for you to be apart of all the things God is going to do!!! This is a team effort. So let's jump in together!

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Unknown said...

Does it count if your mom joins you on this journey?! Of course, not serving in Croatia with you (except for having vacation there afterward!)...but in prayer! You can be assured of that! Love you! Mom