Monday, July 02, 2007

Well, English Camp starts in two days! Everyone from our team and the American team are meeting at the place we're having it tomorrow in the afternoon to set up all the equipment, and for our teams to get to know each other! I'm looking forward to it...but it all seems so fast, i don't really feel ready for it all yet. Oh well! =)

As some of you may know, i've been taking an art class for the past few months. This last week was the big exhibition of everyone's creations from this past year, so of course i took my mom and Caleb and Claire (dad would have come too but he was gone) and we all went to check it out! Here are my favorite creations!

This was one of my very first things i did in the class, and now looking back i have NO idea how i did it! =)

This one's of my dad and Mel Ellenwood on the Serbia-Macedonian border last summer with an unknown dog that just walked up and sat down! =) And here's the original picture!

One of many sketches!

This one is probably my favorite of them all...for those of you who are not well-learned in the lore of Tolkien, this is Gimli, a dwarf! =) I had a plaster board and first sketched it all, then slowly scraped everything out and this is what it turned out as! I really like it.

And i have some more exciting artsy news... This last week at school we re-painted our classroom, and I had the idea of doing a mural on the back wall. Our class was all for it and the principal said yes as well, so me and Patrick (and occasionally Patrick's sister, Lucy) have been painting!!! It's been lots of fun, and it looks good, but we've still got a ways to go! Here are some progress pictures. We did some more this morning but didn't have a camera so this will have to do for now! =)

And some more information for ye "Tolkien-lorists" - it's Bag End, Bilbo's home, just in case you were wondering! We did quite a big more work today, so i hope i can get some more pictures up soon!

And now for some...possibly disturbing news... As you may have noticed in the previous picture...I HAVE CUT MY HAIR!!! Don't cry, take a deep breath...You'll get used to it! =) It feels a lot better now, and i needed it shorter for the summer, i would have died with it long. Caleb also cut his hair, take a look!

Aren't we so hot?! And of course Claire is pretty, which is normal! (also, on a side note...check out the height difference between me and Caleb...scary!)

That's all for update will be after camp! Please pray that it would be a great week and that we would create lasting relationships with the kids that we would be able to use to share Christ with them! Thanks! I've got to go eat dinner now...And don't forget to comment if you know how! =)


TheDude said...

Haha.. Oh my gosh.. My head looks almost disfigured.. Haha.. Why did you have to put that picture up tyler,, Rrg. =D

Anonymous said...

Hey Ty....

You and Caleb do look so different with shorter hair. Like you said, it's a good thing for the summer. You're still a rocker at heart so it's all good!

Wow, you're quite the artist. Do you get those genes from your dad or mom?

The first pictures you had on here where they are long, with half a mans face are incredible. Who did those?

I'll be praying for you at English Camp.

Hugs, Michelle

Unknown said...

Great blog update, as always! Yep, I'll be praying for you and all those at camp.

Love you, Maminka

Anonymous said...

that art is amazing, tyler patty! WOW!
shveet job!

Hannah said...

you ae amazing, Tyler...I am so freakin jealous of how talented you are with art...gosh! AMAZING!