Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have realized some very interesting things today!

1. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is not as evil as it at first looks. It might even be fun! Once I get past the initial stage of learning code and figuring how it all fits together at least.

2. Some pumpkin carvers are really really really really really really good.

3. Tuesdays seem considerably longer when I don't take a four hour nap.

4. It seems that with every new design project I do, I learn something new. It means that hopefully no design is the same, and I like it like that. I hate redundancy in things like this.

Anyway, I have another customer for blog design. It will be a secret for little while (just cuz!) and once it's done there will be a parade and a big unveiling.

Now I have to go do......something. (Any ideas? Hmmm...)

Oh, and did you notice the new look??


Anonymous said...

What a dramatic new design look. I love it. A whole new you for me to adore! I look forward to seeing your new customer's blog after you've had your creative touch on it. You're doing a great job.
Andrea Pitcher

Mike France said...

Hey Tyler,

Love the new look. I did not know it was coming! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Look for something in the mail soon.


Unknown said...

Just have to add my comment too! I like the new look, and I like your new way of blogging...it will be interesting to see if it feels right to you!

I'm your next customer in line to work on a new look for my blog!

Love, Mutti

author said...

Dude i oticed the dezine and who did it. I saw those pumpkins and they are cool.