Saturday, February 09, 2008

Even if you only know a little about me, you should know that I love art.

Lately I've been inspired by Patrick to try drawing Manga. Because I'm also a perfectionist, it takes me a lot longer to get to the point where I can actually draw something, but from then on it's smooth sailing. And so, for practice, I combined three different drawings to produce this sketch!

I was really happy about how it turned out, so I thought I should try using my drawing tablet to bring it up a notch! I was up till 2 last night working on this...and I'm really excited about it!

Hope you all like it! =) This has inspired me thoroughly to continue in my Manga pursuits, so hopefully we'll see some more stuff soon.


Katka said...

well Tyler I have one thing to! That looks amazing! I guess that makes me a fan of "japanese animation" huh? I know that I should probably say manga... :) Well, anyways...great job on the drawing!

Claire said...

I love the drawing! I think that it's so cool!

Unknown said...

Wow! How do you do that??!! Impressive!!

So glad the tablet has come in handy! Guess that was a good Christmas gift, huh?!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Tyler, that looks awesome! You are awesome with art...I only wish i had the talent to do something like that!
have you drawn anything in our journey book?

Anonymous said...

Great drawing and way to go using the new gadget! I'm sure there is a future for my blog in this somewhere! Keep playing around with it...very cool!

Lucy Rose Till-Campbell said...

That's really lovely! I'm really impressed, and can't wait to see more! Is that Sakura from tsubasa by any chance??? Well, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

You creative man you! My word...will your creative genius ever stop?! Seriously, you have such amazing artistic gifts and I LOVE seeing your freedom continuing to grow as you explore your God-given talents. As you keep allowing yourself the time to release your passions and gifs (late into the night, of course!), more and more JOY will flow out of you because you are allowing who God made you to be to flourish!

Love ya, Michelle