Friday, February 01, 2008

Today I went over to the Ellenwoods' along with my guitar to practice a couple songs with Hannah! Hannah has a voice recital at the end of February, and I'll be accompanying her with guitar, as well as voice on one song. I'm really excited! It was great spending time with Hannah and making music together.

One song we worked on together was Falling Slowly from the movie Once (which I mentioned a little while ago). It sounds awesome, our voices blend really nicely together!! I'm really happy about it. So towards the end of the day we decided to quick record a rough version of it on Hannah's mom's Mac. And now I bring it to you on Tidbits By Tyler!! So, here is Falling Slowly by Tyler Patty and Hannah Ellenwood. Just push the play button and listen away!

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Unknown said...


I am blown away by what you and Hannah did....I called dad right away and am on the phone with him right now while he is listening too!!!! We are both amazed!!

WOW!!! You are really something!!!

Funny...I am in Dallas listening and Dad is in Chicago! What a world we live in that we can do this after you recorded it while in Czech!!!

Love proud of you!


Hannah said...

i listen to it over and over again, I think it turned out pretty good. haha...hayley says to tell you it's awesome=)...let me know when we can schedule our next practice thing...

Anonymous said...

Hey handsome....I was sitting here in the hotel this morning while your mom played me the song where you and Hannah are singing. You should have seen how proud she was of you, and how she was celebrating the amazing man that you are and that you are becoming. I was so happy to be able to sit right here with her and see her heartfelt response. You sing beautifully and I am so happy to be able to send you a little love note today to tell you that!

By the way, I just went through my graduation ceremony a couple of hours ago so now it's really official....I'm a doctor!!!

Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Grace & I were listening and think it's a great song! Your voices sound wonderful together. Another moody Irish song for you to love! Thanks for sharing it with us. You're my favorite young rocker.
Andrea (& Grace)

Corrie said...

guys...simply spiffing! great job!