Friday, February 22, 2008

Last Saturday i went on a little trip! I got on a train at 4:30 in the morning along with Katka, Patrick and Lucy and we headed to Prague for the day! We decided to start a little club (but we haven't figured out a name yet...) and this trip's name was "Praha, Mucha and coffee!"

We were pretty concerned about the weather, but in the end it was really pleasant and we could walk everywhere without much discomfort! Our first stop was the art store, where we stocked up on paper and other supplies! Next we visited an English bookstore, and then went for coffee in the new Starbucks! It's a really cool and classy place.

The Alfons Mucha museum was the highlight though. His stuff was really inspirational to me! We finished up by going to Bohemian Bagel, and then got back on the train! It was a great day with three of the coolest people I know.

This past week we had a ski trip with our school! I brought my snowboard, and even though the conditions weren't optimal, it was still really fun hanging out with my friends and shredding the slopes.

Yesterday, however, something put a dent in my plans... Long story short, while going off a jump, i landed badly and broke my wrist. It's my first broken bone ever! I'd elaborate more, but it takes a really long time to type with one hand. I wanted to stay with my schoolmates until the end of the trip, but because of the pain I had to come home today.

It's been a peaceful and strange day... and though I was in pretty high spirits on the day that it happened, today hasn't been fun (my hand has been swelling up...). So please pray for me that I'd survive these next 4 weeks without drawing, painting, guitar playing or writing. I'm sure I'll find a way to do all of these thing eventually, but it won't be easy.

This next week we're heading down to Slovenia to visit our family for spring break! We were planning on skiing and snowboarding but it's not looking good now...but i'm sure we'll find some fun things to do anyway.

Oh and if you haven't heard of Nickel Creek and like bluegrass/acoustic music...check them out, they're really good.


Unknown said...

Tyler, You need a comment on here!

You have handled this slightly traumatic event very well...proud of you for that. I am praying it heals perfectly.

I wonder what the Lord has for you in the next four weeks since you can't do most of the things you love? At least we have a fun trip to Slovenia to look forward to!

Love, Mom

Mike France said...


So sorry to hear about your unfortunate break. I knew though that there would be a good story behind it. Were you trying the triple back flip that I taught you? Maybe you will find some new hobbies in the 4 weeks of not being able to use your hand.


Corrie said...

Tyler! sorry to her about your arm, but hey...welcome to the "arm injury while snowboarding" club! hehe!
trip sounds liek it was fun...i' jealous! oh and your bag is cool!

Anonymous said...
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Katka said...

yeah we definitely need a name for our group! I'm looking forward to other fun trips with you guys. That was a great day! have fun in Slovenia...hope your hand doesn't hurt, or itch, and that you have a fun week.

Anonymous said...

Huge new post for a one-handed typer! Glad your swelling has gone down. Hope you have an enjoyable spring break trip - even with your cast

Josh and Kristi said...

Tyler, I forgot to tell you that we LOVE Nickle Creek. Loved having you and the rest of your family here in Slovenia. We miss you already,
Aunt K