Sunday, March 02, 2008

For Spring Break we headed down to Slovenia to spend the week with our family! It's great having another Patty family in JV.

The first day we were there we drove up to the mountains to ski and snowboard. I was planning on just sitting and reading the whole time...

But it was too cool of a slope to pass up!!! Luckily dad brought my snowboard so even though I didn't have snow pants or a winter coat I got to have fun. I had to be pretty careful though not to fall on my right arm!!

Three hours away from Ljubljana (the capitol of Slovenia) is Venice! It was really cool (but kinda smelly). Caleb sure loved the pigeons (and they loved him)!

I was back at school for the first time with my's quite a challenge. I can't write (only type) so I've been doing a lot of reading (with permission from my teachers of course).


Unknown said...

I liked your blog update! I didn't like how my last one turned out...the writing was okay, but the pictures came through kind of funky. I liked how you did it much better. That was sure a fun time!

Live and learn from my son!

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Great update. Thanks for the photos. I'm glad you had a fun time - cast and all.

Andrea Pitcher