Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey guys, me again! A couple posts ago I had pictures up of a project I did...anyway, I wrote an article on how I did it for an online community of guys who love doing the same stuff I do. And it just got published! If you want, go check it out HERE!

And also guess what? Had an orthodontist appointment today, and I'll be getting my braces off in TWO MONTHS!!! Woohoo! I've already had them for about 2 and a half years, so I'm really happy it's almost over.

And next Sunday I'm heading to Isreal!!!! I'll tell more about that later....


Unknown said...

I can't believe you got that article published! The pictures were so good too...way to go taking them throughout the whole process! Your article was fun to read...and even more fun to read people's comments! You've got 29 stars so far...whatever that means, it sounds good!

Love, Mom

PS. I'm excited about your braces coming off too!

Anonymous said...

Will your braces come off before your cast? weird!

I remember when I got mine off the ortho gave me a t-shirt that said, "Ask me to smile" to show off my new braceless grin...and people said it looked weird to see me without braces (I had mine on for 4 years).

I'll ask you to smile and glow with you about your new and straightened look

Anonymous said...

Just read the article & loved the photos & details. Did you see the comment from the guy named Boromir?! Oh my, that guy needs to get more of a life!

Maybe the Games Workshop people will notice your handiwork and offer you a job and then you can talk to them about the HEAVY METAL OBJECTS THAT DON"T BALANCE AND CONTINUE TO FALL OFF...

Loved your stuff