Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's past 12 PM over here...but I just have a couple things I need to get out before I go to bed! =)

It's been a very long day today...the first totally free day in a long time. I didn't know what to do with myself! So I checked some email...and got a message from Hudson! He said that I should check out this band called I did! And they're amazing. I LOVE their lyrics (and music too)! They're very thought provoking...especially one song, called Let It Out Now. Here's an excerpt:

It’s like you got to walk like him
Got to talk like her
Got to be like them
Everybody knows you follow the crowd
Or get singled out
But God says who you are
Not the world or movie stars

Everyone has their own sound
Let it out now, let it out now
There’s nothing wrong with living loud
Let it out now, let it out now

Everyone has their own sound
Don’t you know all God’s children have their sound?

Every once in a while I have a deep internal discussion about who I am and who I should or shouldn't be. I had another one a couple days ago... I've realized time and time again that I'm really different than other people. God has been teaching me that He has a big plan for me and my uniqueness, and He created me for a purpose - I don't have to conform to any other mold but His.

This song has just confirmed to me what I've know deep down for a long time: Everyone (including me!) has their own song, and we need to let it out (and use the gifts we've been given), and not be afraid to be ourselves. So thanks to God and Leeland for reminding me once again! =)

Oh and today was Lily's birthday! She got some very nice presents...a couple bones and treats, a stuffed kitten and a little crown!! =) Happy Birthday Lily!!!


Claire said...

That's really cool Tyler. I think you're totally right and that it's a good way to think of it! Thanks for sharing that with everyone! And a Happy Birthday to Lily indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,

Okay, before saying what I was going to say first, I HAVE to comment on the hillarious picture of Lily with the crown on. That is so absolutely funny that I'm sitting here with a HUGE smile on my face. I tell ya...that dog has it better than some humans, don't you think? She makes me laugh there with her crown on!!!

Okay, now to the bulk of my response. I cannot believe what you wrote here. It's sooo profound! Can I have your permission to read what you wrote here when I speak at a Christian high school in two weeks? I'm working on my talk this week (now that my worship leading for 5 Easter services are over today!), and this seems like a God thing to read your blog because what you said here is EXACTLY what I'm going to be talking about. I'm going to looking at I Samuel 17 about David, who was your age at the time here. If you read that chapter, it has a bunch of references to the words, "run to" and "run from." I'm going to ask: What do you run towards and what do you run away from? Your statements about who and what defines you are so fitting for my talk.

So...let me know (in an email to me, if you could) if I can quote you. I'll also be checking out Leeland. Maybe I'll play a clip of their music.

Thanks for the great insights!

Love ya, Michelle

Jess said...

Cool! Leeland really are amazing, haven't heard much of their new album, been meaning to get it somehow. But they definitely have some good lyrics!