Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alright! I'm 18!! I can get a drivers license, I can vote, and am officially a man!

I'm really excited about this new era in my life! These past couple days have been awesome leading up to my birthday. Let me tell you about them!

I suppose it started on Friday the 18th. I was planning on going out for dinner with Mark Krupa, along with Hudson and Seth (visiting from Arkansas). He picked us three up at 6:30 and we started driving. We drove for an hour, not knowing at all where we were headed. Finally we arrived in a little town called Bilovec, which was the deadest town you'll ever see on a Friday night! No action whatsoever =)

So we found a sketchy "food window", grabbed some dinner, and then Mark told us what he had planned. In the back of his car were lawn chairs, a foldable table, blankets and snacks. He had found out that there was an outdoor movie theater in Bilovec, and we were going to it! While waiting for the place to open, Mark pulled out some Kofola and shot glasses, and we had a little toast.

But Mark wasn't done yet. Out of his backpack he pulled the grossest Czech food ever - tlačenka. (jibblie, jibllie, jibblie) It's basically pressed meat, but it's mostly fat and is very slimy. Take a look for yourself!

And so, we all took a bite out of the tlačenka and it was horrible. Hudson couldn't swallow it, and Seth was close to throwing up! We were very glad we had the Kofola to wash it down with afterwards.

The movie that was playing was The Superhero Movie, which is a parody of Spider-Man and other superheros. We laughed sooo hard!

By now it was 10:30. On the drive back to Frydlant Mark suggested we make a quick trip over to a place called Stramberk, which happens to be one of my favorite towns. Situated on a hill, Stramberk is the epitome of awesome.

All in all, it was an amazing evening. I was so glad we could do something totally random that I could remember my 18th birthday by. Thanks so much Mark for making this birthday such a special one!

And this was not the end of the festivities...there is much more to come! =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler....I can't believe how long it's been since I checked your blog. Belated happy birthday! What a great birthday story....fun to read....

Love ya, Michelle

Mike France said...


Since you have turned 18 you have been much less responsible in posting on your blog. This does not look good for your future!!!!! Just Kidding.

I hope you are having a great time on vacation and at JV Camp. Enjoy!!!