Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, the rest of the family is back! Now the summer can really start.

It's weird, but without our family being complete I can't be very creative! It's hard for me to draw or paint figures when people aren't around. I have to have the sense that life is going on around me; mom's making dinner, dad's out in the garden, Claire's watching a movie, Caleb's practicing his inspires me!

I guess that's also why it's easier for me to write a paper in a crowded coffee shop than alone in my room. Life inspires me.

And so, with life back at home, I finally sat down and started painting a few orc figues. I'm about half-finished now, but I'm not in any rush...

Here's the orcs' leader (Gothmog) that I painted before we left for the States. The rest of the orcs will have armor similar to him but be on foot. I'm pretty proud of how this guy turned out!


Josh and Kristi said...

Hey nephew! Been thinking of you all weekend long! We were in eastern Oregon so couldn't write sooner but happy birthday! We are so glad you were born. Anti K and Uncle J

Grant said...

Tyler. This is amazing. I always knew you were a secret nerd.

Yes, I am blog stalking you.