Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a day! I feel so blessed.

In the past year I've really broken out of my shell and learned to love people more (sounds weird, but I was quite the loner)! God's really provided for me with some really Godly friends at my school, and I had a great day with those people today!

BMA is just an amazing school for bringing very different people together. Because BMA is so small (about 80 students), we're all one big family! And the truly amazing part is the 20 brothers and sisters in Christ. A highlight of the week is a 15 minute prayer time, led by students! I am so blessed by a community where I not only have strong Spiritual siblings, but also have the opportunity to openly share my faith with the rest of my BMA family.

One of the Christian teachers at BMA told me: "This sort of ministry is one of the hardest. The kids you're ministring to see you 5 days a week for four years. They see everything you do, and everything is a testimony. They even see when you screw up. Only by Jesus being a the center of your life every single day can you be effective in sharing the Gospel with these students."

It's a challenge. At an English Camp, you can get pumped up for God for 10 days, give it your all, share your faith and make a big impression on everyone, and then mellow out and no one will notice. At BMA if your faith isn't real, it's visible. Your whole life is a testimony.

So back to the beginning! It is so encouraging to have other brothers and sisters in Christ with you on the battlefield every day, going through exactly the same things as you. And it's great to sometimes just get away and have some fun! We're at war, and it's important to know your fellow soldiers well!

So today our whole school took a trip to Ostrava to go see a play! Afterwards 9 of us, among which were some of my closest friends, went to the mall and saw a movie together! I also got a haircut. It wasn't so much about what we were doing, but about what was happening between us. I'm so thankful that God opened up my heart and gave me friends that I can trust, cherish and admire. It will be a very sad goodbye in a couple months!

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Josh and Kristi said...

Oh that was nice to get caught up on you again! Thanks for posting!