Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With exactly a month till maturita, our big end-of-high-school-oral-exam, you'd think I'd have lots of time alloted for studying. And I really should! Yet God has been putting so much responsibility on me in these past few weeks. And with that responsibility has come amazing blessing!

My weekends have been especially full, and especially encouraging!

This last weekend started with dinner with friends. After the great time we had together at the mall in Ostrava (mentioned a couple posts back), we decided we had to spend more time together before some of us have to leave BMA and Frýdlant! So we all got together, made dinner and had a great time laughing, sharing stories, and enjoying the friendships God has given us. It was truly an unforgettable evening!

The next day, on Saturday, Adam Hlávka, a friend from the second year class, came over to our house! Adam is one of the most mature and Godly young men I know. It's truly a blessing to be with him! We grilled shish kebabs for dinner, then walked over to the Till house for an evening of Civilization - a very fun and complex strategy board game.

The next morning Caleb, Adam and I met up with Robert to lead worship at a chuch planting conference in Frenštát, a town 15 minutes away from Frýdlant. Mark Krupa was kind enough to drive us there with all our sound equipment, and ended up staying with us for the whole time! While there weren't many people there, God definitely blessed the time there, and we were so happy to serve them by using the gifts God has given us!

Then our weekend took a very unexpected turn. More acurately, Mark took a very unexpected turn on our way back to Frýdlant!

We suddenly found ourselves on top of a wonderful little hill, surrounded by the beautiful Beskydy mountains. It was amazing. Then one of us had the idea: "We should get out the camera and take pictures!" So we did!

Then we thought to ourselves: "We should set up our music equipment!" So we did!

We had so much fun. Mark did a great job of taking pictures! I came home that day very refreshed and encouraged. Though it was a packed weekend, it wasn't at all draining. I can't even name all the blessings I've received in these past couple weeks. God is amazing!

I'm quite curious about these next three weekends though! All three are heavily packed once again. This first weekend I'm helping lead a weekend retreat for the students at BMA. We're expecting 25 students, a third non-christians. I can't wait to see what God does there!

In two weeks we have JV Spring conference. I'll be leading worship for the kids along with Hannah! I can't wait.

And in three weeks the worship band I've been apart of starting in our youth group has its debut! We had practice yesterday, and I must say I'm ecstatic!! We've been stretched so much in these past months, and we're seeing the fruit of the hard labour now. I'm so excited to be able to serve at PDT (a team-building conference) along with Caleb, Honza, Klára, Kača and Pavel.

Then I'll have one weekend before maturita! It's a lot. But I know God's got a purpose in this, and I know this is where he wants me. It's all for His glory!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful blog post! I love what God's doing through your music gifts...and He'll get you through maturita! I'm praying for that!

Claire said...

Wow! You sure do have a lot packed into your schedule don't you?! Good job though keeping up on everything.

Unknown said...

those pics are genious!

Unknown said...
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