Monday, June 21, 2010

For those of you who know me well, I love being creative. This comes out in different ways and areas - music, art, writing - but this summer, I have a very special creative project.

I have always loved photography. I get it from both my parents - dad loves the technical aspect of photography and has been doing it since he was in high school, and mom never fails to capture a special moment on our Nikon D80. When I was still living at home, I was dubbed the "official photographer" on family vacation. I loved it.

But, when I went off to college in Chicago, the camera stayed in Frydlant. For that whole year I didn't have many opportunities to develop my photography skills or even take many pictures.

As my internship in Croatia neared, I knew I needed a creative project to help me relax in the midst of the busy and demanding schedule. Photography was an obvious choice, as it could accompany me wherever I go! However, the family digital SLR camera was still to stay at home.

Then I remembered - my dad's old film SLR camera! It is a Pentax with all manual controls (focus, aperture etc.). I was a little intimidated in the beginning, but have been enjoying it so much after I figured everything out. I'd like to share some of my favorite pieces (so far) with you! Enjoy!

I just love the feel that film has. And the colors! I have been very impressed. Digital has still not been able to match up to good 'ol film. I've been learning so much from going back to how it all started!


Unknown said...

Love your blog posts! You're doing good at keeping up! Can't wait to hear about camp, and see some more photos. Oh I do love that you love that I love taking pictures! HA HA!

Love you!

Claire said...

LOVE these pictures! Yeah, I agree that although digital is great and can take some awesome photos, there is still something magical about the film cameras. Good job figuring everything out!

Josh and Kristi said...

Wondered if the family photo that Sarah and Stevo had on their last prayer update was taken by you? When you come I'll have to have you give Blake and I some pointers on the camera!

Lauree "LO" Austin said...

These are amazing photos Tyler. You are incredibly talented!