Sunday, June 20, 2010

God is so good!

That's all that has been on my mind during these past two weeks. Our days have been packed with visiting schools, preparing talks for camp, organizing english material, and constantly checking our hearts as we serve this summer. We all really desire that CHRIST be the reason we are here as interns. 

That has been one thing that the Lord has been really convicting me of in the past days - is my purpose in life service or is my purpose in life Christ? I truly desire it to be the latter! 

(Lauren, Bronwen, Nathan, and I)

God has blessed our team so much. He has answered our prayers in ways beyond what we could have imagined - especially in the area of unity. Each of us four interns have very different personalities and gifts, but we work so well together. We spur each other on, encourage each other, make up for the other's's so cool to see the Body of Christ so visible among this team. Thank you for praying for us - God has definitely answered your prayers!

The first church team from SOMA in Arizona just arrived last night! We will spend tomorrow in training with them, and our first camp starts Tuesday the 22nd. Please pray for us!!! We have 20 Croatian students signed up. We are still praying for 30, expecting that God can do miracles, but trusting that He will bring just the right people to this camp. Nothing is outside of His purpose and plan.

So, please pray for:

- unity between our two teams - the intern team and the SOMA team
- more students to sign up for both camps (praying for 30 each!)
- that deep relationships would be formed and the Gospel clearly presented to students at this first camp (June 22nd-29th)
- for me, as I prepare to give one of the evening talks on the last day of camp. My topic is "the perfect world," and I will be speaking on God's plan to ultimately redeem the entire world, and Jesus' promise to go prepare a place for those who believe in Him.

Thank you again for your partnership in this way - it is a huge blessing. Please continue praying with me and thanking Him for the things He is already doing!

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