Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our first camp of the summer is with the Církev Bratrská church in Ostrava. Ostrava was known for its industry under communism and is one of the most densely populated cities in the Czech Republic. A "heavy spiritual cloud" still hangs over the population from the days of hard labor. We definitely felt the darkness and the spiritual need as we walked the streets and looked into the eyes of people.

However, God is moving. As we interacted with students from the youth group and attended church on Sunday, we were so encouraged by the hearts of the Christians and their burden for their city. Jesus is being glorified!

One cool thing - When my family moved to the Czech Republic almost 18 years ago, this church was one of the first that my dad partnered with. It's fun to be back and be serving with them! This is a picture of my family (minus dad) in downtown Ostrava many years ago!

Our team was able to spend three days interacting with students in Ostrava last weekend - what an encouraging time! Especially exciting was our meeting with Adam - the Czech camp leader, and Přemek - the current youth pastor at the church. These are two very gifted and passionate men of God. It will be such a joy to serve with them!

Camp starts on July 2nd, and will go till July 9th. Pray that the Lord uses this week to bring joy, hope, and salvation to the lives of many young people!

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Matt said...

So exciting! That's really cool to see ministry coming full circle with you now partnering with the church there. Glad to hear things are going well with the church. I'll be praying for you as July 2 rolls around!
Isaiah 12:4