Monday, June 13, 2011

Who am I now in Christ?

Where am I now situated with Christ?

These were two questions that were answered as we walked through the book of Ephesians during intern training 2011 at the Malenovice training center. We all had the privilege of sitting under the teaching of a very gifted and strong man of God - a particular Dave Patty! (doesn't he look familiar? I just can't seem to place my finger on it...)

Being reminded of our identity and position in Christ was such a great way to initiate the summer. My team and I have often referred to things that my dad said, especially in relation to the Armor of God in Ephesians 6 and battling against spiritual warfare. It has been a great comfort to be able to stand firm together in the truth of Scripture and to pray for each other as we serve and minister in the Czech Republic this summer. I'm sure this is true of all 17 intern teams headed to many different countries in Eastern Europe to pour out their lives for the gospel!

We have been in this part of the world for about two weeks now. June is the month of school visits and camp promotion, so we spend a lot of time with students - both believing and non-believing. Would you pray that the month of June would be a time of fruitful discipleship-on-the-go, and that God would bring many young people to Himself through the work of these interns?

I will introduce you to my own dear team very soon!


Mike France said...


It will be fun to follow your adventures this summer. I'm looking forward to hearing about what's happening.


Claire said...

So happy your blog is up again! I love your style of writing. It's so fun and interesting to read. And of course, I take tips too for my writing when I read yours! ;)