Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An unexpected highlight during our second camp with the CB church in Poděbrady was getting to teach an English class with Ryan! We were both very wary of the whole English aspect of camp, but for this camp there was a shortage of teachers and we jumped right in!

And what an incredible experience it turned out to be. Tomáš, Martin 1, Martin 2, Michael, Aneta and Mája were great students. Plus Ryan and I totally feed off each other and have a lot of fun in the process of teaching!

Each morning we spent three hours teaching vocabulary, playing games, and helping the students be more comfortable conversing in the English language. Czech young people learn a lot of grammar in school, but aren't as confident in actually speaking. That's why English Camp is so great!

But a huge highlight for me was our evening discussion group. After listening to stories about different people "colliding" with Jesus, the whole camp would break back up into their English classes and spend an hour talking about the stories and wrestling with issues such as grace, forgiveness, peer pressure, and decisions about Christ. Several nights our discussion time went far beyond the normal time - up to three hours! It was a special time of sharing our lives with each other and proclaiming the gospel.

I really came to love these guys by the end of the week! It was awesome to see God move so powerfully within each one of the students in my class, whether believer of unbeliever. Soon I'll tell you more about how God moved in their hearts!

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