Sunday, October 22, 2006

man those weeks fly by fast! It seems like it was only yesterday that I had written a new post and was telling you all about my new predicaments! But, another week HAS indeed gone by, and I will try as accurately as possible to describe it to you...

First things first – Our desktop computer is acting very strangely lately.....just a few days ago it decided that it was going to stop connecting to the internet. So that sucks. But luckily the internet is cooperative with my mom's desktop and my laptop, so we're not totally in a jam, except that the internet itself has been acting up and isn't as fast as it should be. But I've gotten used to it.

So now i'm writing on my laptop, which in fact has no pictures on it so i'll have to put some up later. Because of this I'll try to keep my post as short as possible because without the spice, the meal is just a meal and is best to be over with it quick! =)

So. On wednesday we had another Exit episode! This theme was “disappointment” and the discussion went really well. Right before it aired, our family took pictures for our new prayer card! The reason we did it was because my parents just left for a few weeks of raising support (mostly for Exit) and we needed new prayer cards to hand out. I'll put up the final picture as soon as possible, and who knows, maybe you'll even get the real deal in the mail soon!

Another important factor in my parents leaving is that my mom's parents are here to stay with us till they get back on november 10th! So it's been fun with them so far! =)

This morning (Sunday) I went down into town to help prepare a welcome home thingy for Mark Krupa. For those of you who don't know, he's an JV missionary here in frydlant. Anyway, he flew back to the states to see his grandmother before she died and got back tonight. We made a big poster and prepared a table full of goodies etc. It was fun and i'm sure he's enjoying it right now!

So yeah, for almost three weeks we will be without our parents...hopefully we'll make it! (oh, and by the way – hi mom, I know you're reading this! =P) Mom'll be bringing back mostly christmas presents and some we're looking forward for her to come back! (Even though the christmas presents won't make much of a difference for about two more months...)

This weekend i'm headed to Vienna with my school! We'll be there overnight and see all kinds of museums. It'll be lots of fun. Hopefully we won't have a HUGE breakdown (though I wouldn't be surprised if we had a minor breakdown or problem along the way...hehe)! Hannah will also be joining us, through her friend that goes to my class! So pray that we all find the Starbucks safe and sound! =)

On Saturday night we took our grandparents to the theater in Ostrava and saw a movie called Flyboys about the first american fighter pilots in WW1. It's a GREAT movie. Probably one of my favorites. If you get a chance, go see it! It's worth it! (for those of you who live in czech, it's called Rytiri Nebes)

That's all for now...maybe i'll remember something and write another post sooner than in a week! Don't forget to leave a comment if you can, remember, it's you I'm writing for! =) Thanks guys!


Unknown said...

ohh starbucks....i have on like ten minutes away from my house...wierd huh?
miss you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there....

Are you the busiest teenager in the world or what? Hmmm...I wonder if you would be this busy if you lived in the States? I guess that if you take after your dad, then of course, you'd be busy no matter where you lived, eh? It's fun to hear all that is going on.

I've been to Vienna and guess when it was? In 2000 when I flew over there and drove down from your house to Vienna to be with the JV women at their retreat! I would have LOVED to visit the museums. I love history. So I'll be awaiting a full report after you get back!!!

So, while the cats are away (a.k.a. your parents), I wonder if the mice (you, Caleb, and Claire!) will play. Hmmm.... tee-hee!!

By the way, I was looking at a picture of your family today from only a little over a year ago. It's the one that was taken in the front yard of your grandparents house in Eugene. I was commenting on how much more hair you've got going on now! It's awesome and you're a hottie!!

Love ya, Michelle

Hannah said...

Tyler...I can't wait for Starbucks...I am like so excited! It will be fun to hang out wih you guys there!
I am glad the Exit thing went well...How was leading worship last week or when you did it?? I know it was sometime not too long ago... to you soon! And...when do we leave on Thursday?

Corrie said...

Sounds like you are having fun! Wish I could be there! However, I'm sure you would be jealous to hear I spend about two hours every Tuesday and most thursdays hanging out at Starbucks (hehe)! It would definitely be much more fun though if our old gang was there (playing mafia or something! remember that? and then playing it on the tram...? good times!) Miss you buddy! Hope you have another great week!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I read 5 in the morning here in Chicago!! Dad and I woke up when someone called on my phone from Czech...bummer! At least we got about 6 hours of sleep. Good post...I can't wait to read about your time in Vienna! Miss you! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


I like your blog. Hey,I even read a new word, 'mom'll'!

Your surprise was pleasant this time when I came home from the USA. Better than last time when everything in my apartment was wrapped up. Everything!


Anonymous said...

dude! how are you, I am fine! I liked your blog! I read it while Zachary, Nicholas and Grace were having a furious tickle match. Nicholas kept trying to tickle me, but I was over here reading and Becca kept pulling him back. um, maybe you have not seen but I have a new necklace, and you definitely haven't seen, but I have a new haircut and I've redyed my hair! EEEEE! I like your picture! Nathan (the redhead!)