Sunday, November 12, 2006

well hello there! it's good to be back again... I skipped a week because I was sick and was home the whole time so there wasn't really much to write about...but stuff has happened since last sunday! So i'll tell you a little about them!

Well, my mom's parents have been with us for the past few weeks, and it's been great. Mom got back on Friday from the States (along with lots and lots of treats...thanks Michelle!!!). So it's great to have her back as well.

On wednesday was Exit 316 again, this episode was "addiction." it was a really good one. our discussion went really well and it was a great evening. a cool note - do you remember me talking about Robin a little while back? Well he accepted Christ a few weeks ago and now is coming to church and it's just really cool! And two more guys accepted Christ in the last week thanks to Exit! It's been really cool to see how the guys have grown in their faith so far, and I can't wait to see what God's got in store for them!

On saturday I took the train over to the Ellenwoods' and called my two very good friends Corrie and Hudson in the States! It was great to talk to them again (or, talk to you again!). Thank goodness for email and phones, otherwise i'd go mad... Hopefully we'll get to talk again, guys!

We had snow for about two days a week ago, but since it's all melted.....i was so sad...I want to go snowboarding again so bad! Aaaaah!!! =)

On friday at our school we had a "poetry and music evening", led by my home room teacher (also my math teacher), who writes poetry. So he asked me, Jonny and Mr. Till and Mrs. Till if we could each do a little musical performance to spice it up a little... So I picked the song "Is It Any Wonder" by Keane, a british rock band. It was fun! I've been really thinking about what song(s) to do at the talent show during JV conference coming up, and I can't figure anything out! If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment! I was thinking of something by Coldplay...but I don't know what! =)

Well, it's getting late so i will end for now... Hope you all are good and enjoyed my latest stories! All for now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

I'm so glad you like your treats! What did you think of the mints from Starbucks? I know there isn't much to pick from at Starbucks that travels well and so I had to get creative!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the treats! Next to come: the famous Christmas box!!!

Love ya, Michelle

Unknown said...

The scientist (coldplay) pretty should do that one!!!
I want to hang out with you guys too....*snif
i miss you guys soooooo much...enjoythanksgiving ....urgg...i want to be about you send me a piece of turkey...i'd be very happy.
talk to you later!!!

Unknown said...

Having a little jet lag this morning so am awake at 5 AM, typing to you via wireless on my little white laptop!

Did you notice the new TV show name in your blog? Check it out!

It is sure nice to be back home with you! And I'm so glad I made it in time for the poetry and music night! You amaze me with your musical talent!

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

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