Thursday, February 08, 2007

well, a month has gone by since my last post, and no i wasn't kidnapped or locked in my room for that whole month. I just haven't gotten around to it, and for that i am sorry...sniff.

we just got our internet fixed so now i shouldn't have any problems while updating this time! Yesss... With our old internet what would happen all the time was that i'd write out this long post with pictures and all the details figured out, and then i'd click publish and the internet would go out and i'd lose it all! But like i said, it shouldn't be a problem any more!

i don't remember too much from before two weeks i guess i'll just let you know about the recent occurences!

It finally snowed...but then it melted. Luckily i got in some snowboarding before spring came! Hopefully spring isn't here to stay and we'll still have some good runs.

On the 20th of January it was Caleb's 14th birthday! We hung out with the Ellenwoods in Ostrava the day before and went bowling with them the next day! It was pretty fun. Here's a picture of us in Ostrava - I had just got a new book, which i'm holding proudly up! It's The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum, and it's a really great, but long book. I wonder when i'll finish it! I'm about a fourth through it now.

Then I had a big project going on during last Thursday and Friday... I will explain. As you may have read on here or heard from me, I got some Lord of the Rings figures for Christmas from my grandparents, and i've been busy painting them and making them look wonderful! But, i wanted and needed something or someplace that they would look good and not just be sitting out on my dresser. So i decided to make a terrain piece, or a scenario. It was lots and lots of work...but it was worth it! You can see how my work progressed in the following pictures. I present to you... The Mines of Moria!!!

And since i promised it, here are some pictures of my painted figures! I have one in my hand to show you just how small they are and how hard it is to paint them! Normally it takes me about and hour and a half to two hours to paint one. I have special paints and really tiny paintbrushes. It's one of my favorite pasttimes, just sitting back painting and listening to music or talking with mom. Anyway, here they are!

On Friday in the evening and on Saturday there was a conference up at the hotel. I went along as a part of our ministry team in Frydlant. The theme was spiritual warefare, and my dad did a great job of teaching it! I learned a lot of new stuff and i'm sure it will be of great help now and in the future. Anyway, here is a picture of our ministry team of Frydlant nad Ostravici!

I also forgot to mention, that on Friday in the afternoon, we got our new piano! It was a Christmas present from my dad to my mom, and it sounds amazing, even though it hasn't been tuned yet. Our old piano, which was practically falling apart, is now on its side in my dad's office on a little cart, waiting to find a place to be set permanently! Here's a picture of mom with her new, wonderful piano!

I also have some exciting news...exciting for me at least! Next week on Wednesday, i will be flying to the States to hang out with my grandparents (mom's parents aka Grandma and Bapa) and my Uncle Mike! I'm looking forward to it so much, and i'll be flying all by myself for the first time! I sure hope i don't get lost along the way, but it should be fine. The thing that i'm most looking forward to doing with my grandparents and uncle is...drumroll... going to a Switchfoot concert!!! For those of you who don't know, Switchfoot is my all time favorite and best band of all time, and one of my biggest inspirations in music and faith. And yes, both Grandma and Bapa, plus Uncle Mike will be attending the concert with me, so it should be fun! =) I'll be sure to let you all know how it went, i'm sure it will be a blast! Mom also says that Uncle Mike has some surprises planned for me so...we'll have to see what they are! With Uncle Mike you never know! =)

Well, it's getting a little late, so i'll call it a night. Hope you're all doing well! I'll update again as soon as something interesting happens!


Hudson said...

well, my dear tylerius....I enjoyed your blog tremendously so...
it was nice. and the piano looks awesome, and I already said that your art skillz are awesome a lot so you don't need to know it anymore, because, then pride would come...and bad things might start happening

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler....

I can't believe that you'll be in Portland next week. I'm right here so maybe we'll connect. I ran into Mike about a month ago at a Starbucks by my house and he brought it up, saying that maybe we could all connect. So who knows....maybe I'll get to see you and hang out. I'm excited that you get to go to the Switchfoot concert. What an amazing gift your grandparents and Uncle Mike are giving you!

By the way, write me and let me know how you did on that paper that you talked to me about back in December. I want to hear how your teacher liked it.

Love ya, Michelle

Unknown said...

hey tyler,
have you seen the bourne supremecy? we watched it last friday and I really liked it so i'm wanting to read the book as well...
that's really cool that you get to come for that concert! switchfoot is indeed amazing!

Unknown said...

Hi Tyler!

Just me and you up late at night, as usual! Me at my computer and you at, huh?!

I'll miss you when you're gone to the States next week, but I am SOOOO excited about you seeing Switchfoot! Don't forget to SMS me from the concert...I'd even wake up to read the sms if I get it when I'm sleeping!

Really like your pictures on this blog...your figures and the scenario are AWESOME! You are an amazing artist!

Love, mom

Unknown said...

I can't believe you are REALLY going to see Switchfoot TOMORROW NIGHT!!! That is so cool! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!