Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here is very brief documentation of this year's Patty-Ellenwood-Hash vacation to Corsica and Germany! I don't have much time because we leave for JV Kids camp tomorrow morning, but I couldn't leave without leaving at least something for my faithful blog-watchers!

For now we'll leave it at just pictures, and you can make up your own stories to them! Eventually I'll tell you about them myself, with even more pictures! (We took about 1400 pictures on this vacation with our camera...I took about 90% of them, so there's lots to choose from!)

I also had a great time taking more artsy pics, so once I get back I'll hopefully post some of my favorites up. For now, enjoy!

Till next week! We're off to Croatia for camp!

Plus...a new banner up top next week too!


Hudson said...

dude,your camera is so awesome...the pictures are great!
you're so good!
hey man, sorry I don't have time to write an email...I'm so tired...I've had a crazy day. I'll try to write you soon!
Miss you,

Michelle Watson said...

Hey Ty....

Great pics! I love the mountain range you're sitting on in that one picture. And what brute strength you have to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa! (is that how it's spelled?)

Anyway....have fun in Croatia!

Love ya, Michelle

Hannah said...

I love that one of me and Caleb...haha, it's awesome!

Unknown said...

Love your update and pics from vacation...and can't wait for more!! Also looking forward to that new banner...wonder what it will be?!!

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Would love to hear some stories about them. I especially love the one of Caleb pushing over the tower of Pisa. He should've pushed the other side and straightened that that out!