Monday, August 06, 2007

On July 20th 1990, I finally saw the light of this world! Seventeen years later, I'm still seeing lots of light, and feeling lots of heat! My birthday this year was very hot, just as it was last year, and very unlike the day of my birth, which was quite cold!

Anyway, this year, I really wanted to go see the new Harry Potter movie, in English, not in Czech. Mom found out that it was playing in English at a theater in Brno, so we decided to drive there! The theater ended up being right by the place where I got my guitar last year (on my birthday!) was! So that was cool. On the ride there I made everyone listen to Switchfoot...hehe =)

The movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) was really amazing. It's for sure one of my favorite movies now, and not just because it's Harry Potter. They did an amazing job making it still faithful to the books, but unlike the previous ones a well-flowing movie with a great message. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet I highly recommend it! We couldn't stop talking about how great it was on our drive back home!

For dinner we went to a mexican restaurant in Frydek-Mistek called La Bodega. After wonderful food, it was time for presents! Actually, only two presents were here at that time, the rest were still in the States! But I would have been very content even if those were my only gifts! So , thank you Caleb very much for the Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary Edition books! Thank you mom, dad, grandma and bapa for my very awesome Toshiba laptop!!! It'll be a great help this next year in school, besides being useful for many other things! =)

And then some other thank-yous! Thank you Schroeders for the iTunes credit, I've already almost used it all up! =) Thank you Auntie Kristi and the rest of the Patty family for the cookies and the check! Thank you Grandpa and Nana for the check and wonderful card! Thank you Becca for the LOTR figure, the pencils and the awesome painting thingy! Thank you Claire for the Tolkien book and the two Spider-man comic books! =) Thank you dear mum for the paints and Lord of the Rings figures!!

It's been a great year being 16, and I'm really looking forward to all the adventures and troubles that come with being 17! Thanks to all my friends for being there for me when I needed you. I'm privileged to know you all. Thanks to my family for being such a great family! And thanks to God for always pulling me through the hard times and helping me learn from my mistakes.


Josh and Kristi said...

You are a great writer! I feel like I'm experiencing what you are writing with you! Anti Kristi PS and I love your hair cut you hot thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ty...

Great birthday update! And it's cool that you already are wise enough to look back and learn from your mistakes, only then to carry what you have learned into the future. I LOVED being 17 and I trust your 17th year will be just as great for you.

Love ya, "Aunt" Michelle

Claire said...

You are welcome! We really did have a great time that day!

Unknown said...

that's a good movie. glad you had a good birthday!!!