Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A couple more days into camp, and I have been having a blast. I feel an extra portion of grace from the Lord this week! I have had so much strength and so much joy and feel like I've been able to engage with the students in a good way. 

Discussions have been also going very well. Last night's story was of David and Bathsheba - a very powerful story indeed! It really made the students think and reflect on their own lives in light of God's grace in that story. 

We have another two days here - it has gone by very fast! The evening talks have been really culminating up to tonight, where Nathan will share the story of the woman at the well, Jesus' offer of living water, and present the Gospel. Then all the students will get to participate in a "labyrinth" to reflect on their own lives, how they are connected to others, what they need to forgive and be forgiven for etc. They will reflect on the Romans road Scripture, and then have their hands symbolically washed and oiled to signify what Christ did on the cross. It is a very powerful night, and we are praying that God would do mighty things.

Would you join us in prayer for tonight, as well as the rest of camp, and follow-up after camp? Pray for an outpouring of the Spirit and a clear presentation of the Gospel that would affect the lives of these dear children of God for the rest of their lives.

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Unknown said...

Great update!! Oh how I love reading these, as I'm sure others do. Thanks for doing a good job of letting us into your world there! Praying for tonight, Gospel night!