Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a great last couple of days! It has been so fun to watch the students, a lot of whom are at camp for the first time, to engage - in games, sports, classes, evening program, music, discussion groups.. It's been awesome across the whole map!

I myself have really enjoyed leading evening worship - teaching the students songs full of truth that point to Christ. It's been a pleasure to have several US team members play along with me as well! And it's a great privilege to lead everyone in this way.

Tonight's talk was the story of Joseph told from the perspective of Judah. Jamey did an excellent job drawing in all the listeners, and I think the story struck a lot of chords for the students. I am apart of an evening discussion group, and one thing that came up a lot was how difficult it is to fully forgive someone - especially if that someone is a family member. 

Please pray that the students would continue to open up and be genuine - both in discussion groups and in the one-on-one conversations that happen. We expect the Lord to show Himself and do some pretty incredible things!

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