Friday, July 09, 2010

I am very excited to tell you that our second English Camp camp has started!!!

We had a couple days off after the team from Arizona left back home, and then we were back up and running full steam. 

The second team from Arizona arrived two days ago, and after a full day of training, we were off to Fuzine again! It has already been a huge privilege serving with this team from Phoenix. The Lord has really brought us together as one team - which is such a blessing. 

What I am working on right now is exactly what you see in the lower picture! I am in charge of registration and have been welcoming students, handling money, and sending them off to their rooms (with the help of Sarah from Phoenix!). It has been lots of fun making these kids feel welcome!

The camp is off to a great start already. But we definitely need your prayers. Pray for a special covering of the Holy Spirit at this camp - that nothing would interfere with Christ being proclaimed. There are also many more first-time campers this time - pray that they would be affected for the rest of their lives by the things they hear, talk about, and experience this week. And pray that they would have fun! :)

I will be updating you more regularly this week - so please check back!

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