Monday, July 19, 2010

Camp has officially finished! But the work God is doing has not. God is the same God both at camp and when we all return to our lives. This is one thing that we really wanted to stress to the students - encouraging them to continue searching for the Lord once camp is over. "Take God home with you!"

On the night of the labyrinth God worked mightily. We were overwhelmed by how God was obviously touching the hearts of these students. We felt again like a wave rushed over the camp, leaving no student unaffected. Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying that leaders would rise up from among these kids that would change this country for Christ.

I was able to give the final talk on Thursday evening, dealing with the topic of "the perfect world." I got to share some stories of my family's sicknesses over the years as an example of how broken and hurting this world is, and how much it needs redemption. I explained God's plan of redemption for the entire earth, and how Jesus is preparing a specific place for those who believe in Him. A very important part of what I was trying to communicate was how God is redeeming us here on Earth to be His people and His church in preview of the New Earth. 

The week ended as usual with many tears and many hugs. It is kind of sad to have camps behind us! But it is so satisfying to look back and see how the Lord used them.

But as I said - things don't end once camp is done! We were so blessed to have 17 students from the two camps come to youth group on Saturday. We hope to continue leading these while us interns are here, and hope to create good models so that things can continue once we are gone. Excited to see what the Lord has for us in these last two weeks!


Anonymous said...

I wish you a happy birthday!!
Just open your heart to God and receive, as up to now.
You are the light of the world!!

Unknown said...

Great blog post! Thanks for being faithful to write this summer - it's been great to have a window into your world!