Monday, September 04, 2006

As you may have noticed, I have come up with a name for my blog! If you look up, you will notice that it says "Tidbits From Tyler". Cool huh? That's what it will be for now, but if you have any other ideas I'm open to changing it later on once I get bored of this! =)

Today was an interesting day because...guess what??? I went back to school! I woke up at 7 this morning, put on Jamiroquai, layed down for another 15 minutes, then got up, took a shower, got my jacket, and headed out the door!

This year we have a new "homeroom teacher", a christian guy who is one of the only full time teachers to teach at our high school. He's a really cool guy, and teaches math and english, we only have him for math. I'm really glad for that because last year our math teacher wasn't my favorite...and therefore math wasn't my favorite either. I'm hoping that this year that will change!

I also forgot to mention that I'm a junior this year! But, as is in all Czech schools, I have one extra year of high school. So that means that including this year I still have 3 more years of school! Looking ahead, it may seem like a long time, but looking back on how far i've come so far, it's going to go by quick.

Something that i'm looking forward to this year in school is obviously being with my classmates, but also a special "volitelny predmet" which is a choosable subject. We have two seperate groups of the "VP", and we can choose from a list of about three each what to go to. This year, I will probably go first to a EU seminar, which will be more like a thing about government, which I'm looking forward to. It's going to be primarily in english, because the two american teachers at our school will be doing it. A part of the course will be lots of games too, all doing with government and strategy. The second group is a harder one to choose from. The subjects are - Christian Ethics, Psychology (which I took last year) and English Conversation. Because I took Psychology last year, I'm not sure I want to repeat it, even though it was one of my favorite classes before. That narrows it down to Ethics and Conversation. It may seem like an easy choice, either ethics because I don't need english or english because I should know about christianity. But i'm really stumped... Some kids in my class want me to go to Ethics, but one of the american teachers wants me to go to English! =) So i'll have to decide in the next few days. Any suggestions or advice would be great!

That's all for now, and one more thing. If you want me to send you an email every time I update, let me know. Otherwise I won't bother you and if you enjoy reading my blog you can check it on your own. Thanks! I appologize if i've been a little normaller lately, I have to be in a wacky mood to write wacky stuff! But if you stay loyal to me then eventually I'll go into weird mood again! =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler...

Great blog page! And congrats on coming up with the title, "Tidbits from Tyler" I love it!

It was fun for me to read that psychology is one of your favorite subjects. I didn't know that. Hmm....I guess we have more in common than I thought! What I love about psychology is that it's not only a study of the psyche, or the mind, but it helps in getting underneath why people do what they do as a way to understand motivatations, responses, drives, etc. To have this foundation as a way to understand people in a greater way will benefit you no matter what life path you choose.

You invited input regarding which class to take: Ethics or English. Okay, here's my vote. I vote for you to take Ethics, and here's why... You already know English, and maybe the teacher just wants you to be a strong player in the class, which could potentially translate to what is best for the teacher rather than what is best for you. Secondly, the thing that is great about Ethics is that you are learning HOW to think and not just WHAT to think. I think that teenagers thrive when they are put into an arena that allows this type of analytical thinking process to develop. It seems like this class would grow you in this way, as well as being an excellent compliment to what you have already learned in psychology.

So, there you have it: Musings from Michelle.

Love ya, Shrinkydink98 (that's my user name on Ebay. I chose it because I'm a shrink, and I used to make shrinkydink plastic art things when I was a kid. You could draw on plastic and then stick it in the oven and it would shrink! Then 98 was the year I graduated with my masters degree!)

Anonymous said...

p.s. I like Hannah's idea about calling your page: "Czech it out" or "Czech me out" :o)